Halloween book party and tasting party!







This morning my son and I went to our neighborhood Starbucks for a Halloween and Tasting party. Several times a year the Okubo Starbucks has a get together  where the staff entertain the children for an hour with a different theme, during that time the parents can enjoy a tasting party.  The party is limited to 10 kids and then some of the parents join the tasting party. My husband is too embarrassed to join so he always sits in the corner reading or playing something on his phone.

Today is the day was the Halloween party. All of the kids dressed up as well as some of the staff. They read a story to the kids, do a craft, and play a few games. Then at the end they all get some milk to drink! Which is my son’s favorite part.  

The kids at the end of the Halloween party!My son usually is all smiles but he could see his dad at a corner table playing Angry Birds and he wanted to do it too!

While the kids enjoyed their activities, the parents tried their hand at using a coffee press, tasted and enjoyed food pairing with a pumpkin tart and this years anniversary blend.

Pumpkin tart and Anniversary blend

Next we tried using the ceramic hand driper. It was interesting to taste the difference between the coffee even though it was the same beans. I tried. For the last few years I have been interested in how to pour the perfect hand drip coffee. I was lucky today as everyone at the coffee tasting knew me as someone who knows a lot about coffee so they assumed that ment I can make a good cup of coffee.

I wonder if I was closing my eye praying for good tasting coffee?

We poured Autumn Blend and paired it with a chestnut roll.  Now I know why Autumn blend sold out so fast. It is a really nice coffee and easy to drink.  On top of it we got some coffee to take home and a hand made card!

The partners at the Okubo store made these yesterday!

It was a really nice hour at Starbucks this morning. We can’t go to the next one at Christmas since we are going back to America for Christmas but I am looking forward to the next one!


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  1. Kaori (@BuckedbytheStar)
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 21:41:59

    That sounds like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to take those coffee classes they have at the store but most of the time it’s during the day on weekdays and I tend to miss out on it. I love the small touches like the halloween cards 😀


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