Starbucks cup art!

Have you ever been having a bad day, or even a day that was just not going as you would like? Sure you have. Then have you ever been to a Starbucks on days like that? Sure you have. For me, those types of days might mean I got to Starbucks more than once. Then, on one of those days when you get your drink have you ever been surprised to find that someone behind the bar has taken an extra few seconds to draw a smile, write “Have a nice day” or something even more creative? Maybe or maybe not, but if you have you can attest to how that simple and small gesture can make your bad day go away in the drop of a hat. That is why I love Starbucks. It isn’t just about the coffee. Coffee is the just medium that lets you connect with wonderful people!

To me a Starbucks cup is art in itself. I want to blow up this picture and put it in a frame somewhere in our house, but my husband just laughs at my love for Starbucks art!

Yesterday my family went to our neighborhood Starbucks for our late morning break before continuing on about our day. Our son brought with him a Pokemon ball. Lucky for him the Barista behind the bar really likes to draw on the cups! This gave me an idea for this pictorial of some of the cups that I have gotten over the past few months that really made me smile! My son get’s most of the Starbucks love lately, but that is always great since it makes him smile to see something on his cup.

If you like this series I will look in my hard drives for some more cuz I know I have a ton from over the last 13 years here in Japan. Happy coffee hunting my friends!


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