10th Anniversary canisters

This morning another Starbucks bloger in Tokyo posted on twitter a picture of the new 15 year anniversary canisters. That reminded me of the 10 year cans that I have at home. She asked for pictures and/or a blog. So here it is.
The cans are made from tin and came with cookies inside. If I remember correctly the cookies were not that great, but I didn’t buy it for the cookies so I am sure my husband ate them for me. Only the small can has printing on it refereing to the anniversary, but the cans were sold at the same time. I wondered why at that time and still do.
We still use these cans on a daily bases. They are on our kitchen counter and we keep a variety of stuff in them.
I hope you like this blast from the past!


Why Starbucks?

I woke up this morning and as my family was getting ready to start our Sunday morning my husband asked me what was on our adgenda for that day and my standard responce was “First, Starbucks. Then we can talk about the rest later.” This has been my set reply for as long has he has know me. Why? Because for as long as most people have known me, I take great pleasure in going to Starbucks, ordering the same cup of coffee for close to 20 years ( grande, 15 second shot-depending on the machine, no-fat, vanilla latte for your information), then sitting down with some form of media (newspaper, book, cell phone, ipad) and thinking about what lies ahead of me for the rest of the day.

Some say to me that “you could do the same thing anywhere else. McDonalds has a good cup of coffee.  Why Starbucks?” That is the golden question! And what I am going to share with you over the next few weeks, months and hopefully if you want to keep reading, years.

The key to a great start of my day includes a visit to one of my many favorite Starbucks. Not only does the beverage that comes out of my cup matter but several other important factor. The first thing is how friendly the staff is to not only myself but other customers. Part of the Starbucks experience is talking with the register staff. If they have to ask me my order over and over again, I start to wonder if I really matter to them or the company. That puts a major damper on my day. A great point of salesperson makes you believe you are one of the most important persons in the world at that moment. When I move to a new area or town I in effect audition several different stores over the course of two or thress months to figure out which one is going to be my next home away from home. Silly? Maybe. Important for my routine? Indispensible. Why you ask? First thing is 460 yen is a lot of money for just a cup of coffee. So not only is Starbucks selling coffee but they are selling an atmosphere. In effect, where ever I go in the world and I spot that little green sign with our siren gal in the middle, we are in fact able to transport ourselves to where ever home is.

In up coming blog posts I am going to take you deeper into my love for Starbucks and that little taste of home. I am also going to highlight the great things that Starbucks Ltd. Japan does that is unique to Japan. Right now we are full into the Valentine season and Starbucks chocolate. Coming this next week, starting on the 15th of Feburary, Starbucks will debut it’s Sakura (cherry blossom) drink line. If it is anything like last year, they will have wonderful bread and sweets to go along with the limited time drinks. I will write more about the up coming food, drinks and mugs/tumblers. Thank God that Starbucks changes the food and drinks every three months. It will give us lots to chat about!

I look forward to reading your comments, input and suggestions.

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