What does coffee of the day mean to you!

OK, this has been slowly making me mad and mader each and everyday. During the work week, I take my tumbler to my usual Starbucks in the morning and get a grande coffee of the day. Now, I love my coffee but am always in a hurry so I choose to get a “Coffee of the day” since it takes less time. At first (first several months) this was ok, but it seems lately that every day they are offering the same coffee, Pike Place blend or Bali. I have understood that Starbucks Japan is looking to make their PPB stock pile smaller which is why were ever you go, they are serving it, but come on, at least change one of the coffee’s everyday, or at least offer coffee based on the time of day. Except for PPB, I like them all, but each coffee has a time of day that it is best to drink them. I wish more stores would think far when choosing what to make for the coffee of the day and not what coffee they have too much of.


Origami personal drip Starbucks coffee



The other day I was fliping through my co-op shopping flyer. For those of you outside Japan that is a grocery store chain that also has home delievery. I saw they had two types of Starbucks coffee avaliable from that week so I had to order it. When it came this week I was super excited to share it with fellow Starbucks and all around coffee nut Kevin.
Starbucks has an instant coffee but has yet to get into these personal drip type products available and very popular in Japan. You just pour water slowly over the top into the coffee pouch and there you have it, a perfect cup of coffee.
As for the taste, just as good as any Starbucks coffee you make at home. Maybe better that the VIA but not as good as getting it at a Starbucks store. Cost? It comes five to a box and was about ¥400 or about $4.50. I will look for it in the grocery store next week and let you know where you can get it!
Have a great day!

My how time fly’s when your drinking coffee!

I woke up this morning with a little extra pep in my step. I was going to get my family squared away with breakfast and things for them to do for the morning, then I was off to meet a friend for morning coffee. Ever since I went back to work full time in January everyone keeps asking me “Are you use to your new routine?” I always respond with the same answer “I love being busy.” And for the most part I really do love not having to wonder what I am going to do with my day after I drop my son off as pre-school. But the one thing I really, really, REALLY miss is meeting my friends for coffee at Starbucks and sitting there for an hour or so and just talking.

Here in Japan most people that have children reserve the weekends for family outings so meeting friends for coffee on the weekends is next to impossible. Lucky for me I have a few friends that also work so the weekends are always open for meeting since that is their only time also.

Today we talked about our kids, kindergarten,husbands and the up coming spring break. Then next we knew two hours had past and we both needed to get home. But what a wonderful break it was!

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